Building Champions since 2006

ISSA LogoFrantz World is a Boston Based ISSA Certified fitness center that provides a safe environment to its clients to accomplish their fitness goals. At Frantz World we strongly believe that with hard work, commitment and support, anyone can achieve lasting fitness results.  Frantz World is dedicated to meeting all of your fitness needs. We will work with you on a daily training plan and lay out nutritional goals. We will get your body looking like you never dreamed possible. Guaranteed!!

Frantz World believes in providing each client with a personalized training and nutritional assessment base on their individual needs and goals. Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a long time, Frantz World could be the answer to reaching your fitness goals.  If you are seeking to be challenged, receive effective training with great results, Frantz World is available to help you. Remember “We Build Champions.”